SpringGun Press

SpringGun Screenshot www.springgunpress.com SpringGun is a registered not-for-profit web-based journal and print press promoting all forms of previously unpublished quality contemporary writing and interdisciplinary digital art. A SpringGun is unexpected, sudden, immediate, urgent—it’s happening now. It dwells within the context of cold war paranoia and the new post 9/11 era. A SpringGun is simultaneously insane, comical, violent, practical, ingenious, irresponsible, terrifying, vulnerable, and deadly. Co-founders: Erin Costello and Mark Rockwsold  

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Digital Art

ᴁ: A Transmedia Biography of ᴁrin Xello

This exhibition/installation, to take place in the Media Archaeology Lab, tells the story of ᴁrin Xello, a tortured yet brilliant artist who struggles throughout her/his complicated life to create something meaningful. ᴁrin’s story is told through fragments of poems, sound, music, and visual art displayed on and around various media – computers, typewriters, hand-made journals – the date of each fragment corresponding with the dates of production of the media. The biography of ᴁrin is the story of the artists' two actual lives fused into one character and storyline/timeline. The audience will explore the space, collecting bits of information, until a portrait of the artist emerges. ᴁ resists the common practice of self identity denial in digital media art while simultaneously engaging in the common practice of digital persona. November, 2013

Poemedia by Erin Costello and Aaron Angello

Interdisciplinary art installation & performance "Poemedia" is an immersive environment of video, sound and poetry. Performances and Press:

The Elevator Effect

A video and audio remix with "original" text A video and audio remix with "original" text

Hello Can be No One

A digital text/video/dance collaboration between Erin Costello, Aaron Angello, Tara Rynders, Lauren Simpson and Joy French. Designed and created specifically for Denver's Project Hello www.projecthello.posterous.com which asked local artists to create a piece centered around the theme of introduction

She Rushes Rhythm

Winner of the first annual Poetry In Motion Film Festival! Six filmmakers in Denver were matched with six local poets, and each was asked to make a film inspired by the poem. Created By Tara Rynders Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow Drummond West Erin Costello

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Writing & CV


  • "Revolution" and "We don't Swim" (poems) - Barrelhouse Magazine - Forthcoming  in 2016
  • Interview - Black Lawrence Press Sapling - July 2012
  • A Conversation with SpringGun Press - IO Poetry - May 2012
  • Tahoe Blues - Fiction - Spring 2012
  • Versal - Poems - Spring 2012
  • "A Different Kind of Book" (Essay)- About A Word, 2011
  • Spine Road - Poems - 2011
  • University of Alberta’s “Day in the Life of a Digital Humanist” contributor - 2011
  • Drunken Boat - Featured of "Poemedia" live installation - 2011
  • Trickhouse - Video art - 2010
  • Titmouse Magazine (print) - Poems - 2010
  • Palimpsest (print) - Poems - 2009
  • Umbrella Factory Magazine - Poems - 2009
  • Crash - Poems - 2009
  • Edge - Poems - 2008
  • The Chronicle for Higher Education - Article on Study Abroad - 2008

Marketing and PR

Web Copy


  • Annual Jovanovich Imaginative Writing Prize, University of Colorado Boulder - 2010
  • Annual Issue Lab Remix Contest Winner, Creative Commons/Issue Lab - 2009
  • Ina Coolbrith Memorial Poetry Prize Contestant for UC Davis, University of California and The Ina Coolbrith Circle -2005
  • Recipient of the Tomales Bay Writers Workshop Fellowship in Poetry, Davis, CA - 2005
Performance and Shows
  • Every Afternoon A Dialogue by Gertrude Stein: A Poetic Performance  — GASP, Denver, CO —April 2013
  • Sweet by Leslie Scalapino: A Poetic Performance  — GASP, Denver, CO —  October, 2012
  • Poemedia: A Live Remix  — MLA Off-site ELO Event, Seattle, Washington — January, 2012
  • Poemedia: A Multimedia Installation  — Epoetry Festival, Buffalo New York — May, 2011
  • Poemedia: A Multimedia Installation  Black Box Theater University of Colorado, Boulder — October 2010

Invited Talks

  • “Electronic Publishing” —Lighthouse Writers Workshop —June, 2013
  • Bad Shadow Affair Reading Series, Denver, CO  — November, 2012
  • Leon Reading Series — Denver, CO  — November, 2012
  • Versal AWP Off-Site Reading — Chicago, IL — February, 2012
  • “Small Press Publishing” — Counterpath, Dnver, CO — 2011
  • "(Re) Publishing Print and Electronic Literature" — Epoetry Festival, Buffalo New York — May, 2011
  • “Cross disciplinary teaching” —Graduate Pedagogy Workshop —— October, 2011



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